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German Charlie Bewley Fanpage

Alter: 33



WWTW interview: ‘New Moon’ co-star Charlie Bewley – Part II

Charlie Bewley of “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” fame didn’t grow up pining to be an actor. Instead, the profession snuck up on the British native.

“You think to fit in is the way forward. It’s a very English thing as well, to fit in,” Bewley says during a stop in Denver last week to promote the March 20 “New Moon” DVD/Blu-ray release.

So he went traveling and learned his personality quirks could work to his advantage.

“I’m a little bit different, but it works. You start to explore these things. It opens your mind to the whole world,” he says. “Suddenly, you can do anything you want. No one’s judging you.”

He realized he had been acting all along.

“I pretended to be different people,” he says. “I’m a much more colorful and flamboyant person than I ever allowed myself to be …. when acting came to me it was a very obvious choice.”

Bewley isn’t a household name by any stretch, but he carries himself with the confidence of one. That poise clearly stood out during his audition for Demitri, a member of the Volturi clan in the “Twilight” saga.

“When you’re a vampire and you’ve got a smile on your face its very unnerving,” he says of his approach to the role.

Bewley has a cameo in “Eclipse,” the third film in the franchise.

“We sweep in very superhero like and sort thing out,” he says.

It won’t be the last time audiences see him on the big screen, if he had anything to say about it.

“I’ve worked very hard since getting ’Twilight’ put my myself in the position where I can logistically be cast in big films,” he says.

“You do need to have your [expletive] together as an actor … you’re running a business and you have to run it daily,” he says, crediting his father for instilling in him a sound business mind.

He was just offered a role featuring a Parkour-style of action heroics and has other options, too, he says.

“The work is gradually filtering in,“ he says.

“On every level doors have opened to me thanks to this franchise,“ he says.


Das ganze Interview könnt ihr auch hier lesen

24.3.10 07:54


Shipley and Halmos Event

Dank Edwards Golden Eyes haben wir hier nun für euch ein paar neue Bilder von Charlie. Sie entstanden bei dem Shipley and Halmos Event im Confederacy in Los Angeles (Los Feliz) am 18. März.

24.3.10 07:35

LA Bericht + Denver Interview

Wir haben euch schon so einiges aus Denver zeigen können und hier haben wir noch etwas für euch. Ein "Interview" welches in Denver mit Charlie geführt worden ist. Es ist der erste Teil und morgen wird es den zweiten Teil des Interviews geben.

Charlie Bewley didn’t take any formal acting classes, but he got the next best thing on the set of “The Twilight Saga: New Moon.”

The British-born Bewley stood in the Volturi vault set along with actor Michael Sheen (“Frost/Nixon&rdquo and took a beat to appreciate his good fortune.

“You realize you’re on the set of ‘Twilight’ watching one of the best theatrically trained actors in film today,” Bewley says of Sheen. “It’s a free acting lesson.”

“Actually, it’s a pretty expensive one,“ he adds, smiling. “You have to soak it up.”

Bewley, who plays the cool Volturi vampire Demetri in the film, has been doing plenty of soaking since being cast in the popular franchise.

He went from a virtual unknown to someone with a sizeable Facebook fan base – 3,500 and counting. And when he dropped by the Blockbuster video store in Parker, Colo. March 19 to christen the release of “New Moon” on DVD and Blu-ray roughly 400 fans braved a snow storm to greet him.

The young actor spoke to WWTW about his switch to acting, his appreciation for the “Twilight” franchise and how business and acting need to go hand in hand.

Bewley, his hair artfully mussed, marvels that he could draw such a crowd even though his face doesn’t appear on the film’s poster.

“The role, in terms of the film, is not as big as the big guys,” he says of Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart. “But I get to travel everywhere around the world to meet fans. They hang on every word. It’s wonderful to be involved in.”

When he shot his “New Moon” scenes in Italy, “thousands of chicks” lined the streets of a tiny village to greet him and the cast.

Bewley isn’t quite as dedicated to Stephenie Meyer’s “Twilight” books – “it’s too overwhelming for my stone-cold heart,” he says with a grin – but he understands the all-consuming appeal.

“The storyline makes vampires accessible to a demographic that was previously taboo,” he says. But the novels also allow readers to indulge in a love story with which they can empathize.

“It’s like a 14-year-old girl who’s in love with an 18-year-old boy. That same kind of feeling that it’s not allowed, but you want it,” he says. “That’s what Bella goes through. That’s an addictive thing.”

Tomorrow: Bewley talks about how acting snuck up on him and how he intends to use “Twilight” to springboard to action hero status.

Ihr könnt das Interview auch unter folgendem Link lesen: WWTW Interview

Auch wenn es schon eine Weile her ist, so haben wir hier einen neuen Bericht zur Twilight Convention in LA für euch. Klickt einfach auf folgende Seite. Es gibt auch einige Bilder von Charlie in ihrer Gallerie zu bewundern, die ihr findet, wenn ihr auf das Bild unter dem Bericht klickt.

Caclb Bericht LA

Hier schonmal ein Bild aus ihrer Gallerie:

23.3.10 07:53

New Ecstasy Material

Da wir nun 400 Follower haben, haben wir auf unserer Seite das neue Ecstasy Material online gestellt Es handelt sich um ein Bild von der ersten Ausstrahlung von Ecstasy in Vancouver und einem exklusiven Teil des Skriptes der ersten Szene aus Ecstasy in der Charlie zu sehen sein wird !!!

Besucht hierzu unsere Seite:


22.3.10 22:27

Ecstasy Überraschung!!!

Wir haben eine exklusive Überraschung für euch, sobald wir 400 Follower bei Twitter haben Wir können euch schonmal soviel verraten: Es hat mit Charlies neuem Film Ecstasy zu tun Also nichts wie los, folgt uns!!! Wir posten die Überraschung sofort, wenn wir die 400 Follower erreicht haben^^

22.3.10 19:38

Interview with the Volturi

Da nun die New Moon DVD in den USA bereits erschienen ist, gibt es im Internet einige Videos zu den Extras die auf der DVD enthalten sind. Heir haben wir das Interview mit den Volturi in voller Länge für euch. Seht es als kleinen Vorgeschmack auf die DVD. Natürlich ist auch Charlie enthalten. Die New Moon DVD erscheint in Deutschland am 15. April.


22.3.10 11:18

2 weitere Videos zur Party

Auf unserer Seite findet ihr nun 2 weitere Videos zur Release Party

www. charlie-bewley.npage.de

22.3.10 10:49

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