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Starry Mag Interview

Das Starry Magazin hatte vor 2 Tagen die Möglichkeit Charlie Bewley zu interviewen. Hier ist das Ergebnis:

Q.  What are some of the recent projects that you've been working on?

A.  Twilight is not a full time thing, but Twilight is definitely a large part of my life with conventions and press things, which is great, I really enjoy that part of the process.  I did some stuff for the New Moon launch and some press coming up for Eclipse. I am in LA right now and I am working hard to try and negotiate a few roles.  I have been offered a few and I am whittling down which ones I want to do. 

Q.  How did you originally become involved in theTwilight franchise?

A.  I was studying and working in Vancouver and I went to the audition and I did particularly well with it.  I don't think I was necessarily in terms of my physique what the character was described as in the book, but certainly what I brought to the audition is that I exuded the persona that Demetri is described as having.  When I went in front of Chris Weitz I played my best Demetri and I got the role.  They put me through the tried and tested way of auditioning and auditioning and that's the way I got the role.  There was no offer on the table, I was relatively unknown before that and was just very lucky to jump on board when I did.

Q.  Where did you draw from for your portrayal of Demetri?

A.  It doesn't matter what the breakdown of a character states, you've been brought there for a reason, to go out and be that person.  That's what I did, but I'd say Demetri as a character is very much in the same kind of vain as I am as a person.  He has an air of aloofness and definitely goes by the beat of his own drum.  I don't feel like Demetri is someone who is particularly totally bound to his role in the Volturie.  He's very much an adventurer, someone who is looking for action all the time.  I was lucky that I got to play that and embrace everything that I brought to the character.

Q.  Is there anything about the role that you have found challenging?

A.  I think the most challenging thing really was Daniel Cudmore going through the paces of beating up a vampire.  I was on set for a whole week while they were filming that whole bit and I really wasn't doing that much, just doing some sort of funny dance with Alice, which really didn't translate to film.  Watching Daniel do all of his stuff was the toughest because I'm a very physical person and I'm a sportsman.  Unfortunately for me he got written in as this fighter and I'm the good cop.  I'm the guy who stands back and peruses and enjoys the fact that my partner is beating someone up.  I think as a role though the toughest thing for me was that some of the blocking was difficult.  You're on the move and you're walking and you have to sort of time your lines to coincide with the end of other people's lines and still stay in character.  That's the whole part of the job, just making it as real as possible.

Q.  Will viewers get to see more of you in the upcoming Eclipse film?

A.  I would hope that Eclipse would be the best chance to let loose the vampire that I am and really show what this guy is capable of.  He has some exceptional skills, he's a big tracker.  In Eclipse I would say that the Volturi have a whole cameo role, compared to the whole context of the film, a very exciting one at that.  We get to do some pretty cool stuff, and in terms of seeing more of my character, I'd say the film in general is darker then New Moon was.  There might be a chance to see the darker side of the Volturi as a whole.

Q.  The cast has this amazing chemistry together, was this something that you found came easy when you were filming?

A.  I think over the course of my life I've just gotten used to finding out what people are about very quickly.  I found I got along very quickly with the rest of the guys, and certainly Eclipse I got to know people like Jackson Rathbone, Kellan Lutz, Nikki Reed, and Elizabeth Reaser, I was lucky to spend some time with those guys. They've obviously been through a lot together.  We have this amazing green room on set, it's very small actually, and we all just hung out in there during takes.  It was great to see everyone, not on a magazine cover, but in the flesh, and how they really were as people.  There are lots of nice guys in that group.

Q.  You mentioned going to conventions, and you're on the social networking site Twitter, why is it important for you to have so much interaction with your fans?

A.  It's always been very important to me to have that interaction with fans.  I had a great fan experience when we shot theNew Moon extra scenes.  There were five thousand girls there and they just spent all their money to come and see some people and it was only right that you gave them a real piece of the pie.  That's when it all really started and I guess the way I was with the fans during that time has spawned multiple websites about me.  They've always asked for things and I've always been very gracious to hand over whatever I can and that's overflowed into Twitter.  Now I have a large Twitter following and I try to keep things as up to date as possible.  The fans are what Twilight is, it wouldn't be this huge juggernaut phenomenon if it wasn't for the fans.  I just like to give as much back to the fans as possible.

Das ganze Interview findet ihr auch hier:

Starry Magazine

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